Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL)

Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL) is an academic institution dedicated to research, teaching and social engagement in global and local agendas involving transcultural, transnational and transregional issues.

We at GLOCOL believe that one of humanity's crucial goals is to attain symbiotic co-existence among the various human politico-economic and socio-cultural institutions as well as the diverse geo-environmental and bio-ecological life forms all over the globe. This goal cannot be achieved solely by means of purely scientific, technological investigations. Comprehensive, holistic, inclusive, interdisciplinary approaches are required in order to take into account not only the multiplicity of human values and practices, but also the diversity of geological, ecological, biological phenomena on earth.

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Transcending regional and disciplinary boundaries

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Cultivating transcultural communicability and global perspectives

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Linking research and education with social engagement

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FIELDO is a unit which designs and organizes field study and internship programs.

Latest News

Health Environment presents outcomes of joined collaborative projects among Osaka University, Can Tho University, Yunnan University, National University of Mongolia under the theme of health-environment, global environmental risk and local sustainability.

GLOCOL Online is a collaborative website for articles, discussion papers and booklets published by Global Collaboration Center. It aims to foster discussions across the disciplinary, regional and cultural boundaries and develop collaborative researches on global issues.

New Discussion Paper Series launched

Global Collaboration Online Discussion Papers consists of working papers authored by academic staff, visiting researchers and research affiliates of Global Collaboration Center.

GLOCOL has been implementing a Science & Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development Project with Vietnam since 2012. This project is to strengthen research capacity to monitor the multi-drug resistant bacteria in Vietnam.

The 2015 UC Berkeley International Symposium "Wellness Innovation in the United States, China, and Japan: Translational Research in Natural Sciences and Social Sciences"

2015-08-05 (Wed.) 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.